Supper Club

Are You Searching Supper Club Near Me?

Have you thought about great ways to catch up with close friends on a consistent basis? Or perhaps, want to get to know people who are acquaintances on a deeper level? If so, why not start a supper club? A supper club is the perfect way to get together with a group of friends on a frequent basis to talk about life while enjoying a delicious meal. If this sounds like a good idea and you are searching for a supper club near me because you want to get started, why not contact Eat With Me?

Eat With Me was born out of a love for food. I offer in-house catering services that offer a quality dining experience for your supper club. I can come out to your house, or another location of your choosing, and serve you a home-cooked meal that will have you delighted. My own home kitchen is certified for commercial food preparation, so this is where I prepare the food. You won't be getting any reheated mass-production chow when you book my services.

For an even more unique supper club experience, come to my house to eat. You'll be treated as treasured guests, and will be able to smell the food as it cooks. This will give you a wonderful experience that is truly home-like, and you won't have to worry about cleaning up your own house before our special get-together. The warm, friendly atmosphere of a real house will be more relaxing and memorable than even the coziest commercial cafe, and you'll surely want to return again and again.

There's no need to worry about food allergies or preferences when you book me as your in house chef. My home cooked food can be ordered from a menu, but this is your supper club, so I am willing to create custom menus just for you or your guests. You'll never end up paying for types of food that you'll never eat, which is a common problem with typical restaurant meals. Instead, you'll get only the foods that you actually want.

If you want great tasting food for your supper club near me in Auckland, look no further than Eat With Me.