Private Catering Company

Eat With Me - A Private Catering Company Providing a Unique Catering In-House Experience

If you go to a restaurant and order a meal, instead of choosing things one-by-one, you'll often find that there are things included that aren't really to your taste. If you truly don't like those items, they just go to waste – and you pay anyway. It's a very frustrating part of going out, especially for those who are choosy about what they eat! 


In-house catering service is a great solution to that problem. When it comes to catering in house, my private catering company in Auckland, New Zealand can provide a personalized and comfortable dining experience curated just for you. 


I am also able to cater to food allergies that tastes great, even without one or more offending ingredients. Do let me know if your personalized food preference is due to allergies, so I can make sure to avoid cross-contamination. Many different foods are prepared in my kitchen, but when I am informed of the nature of a preference, this typically won't be a problem.


Catering in-house provides such a unique, personalized experience, unlike getting takeout. Instead, I will come to your home with food I've prepared and serve it to you. I can also come to other venues of your choosing. Since I'm a trained restaurant chef, you'll get the high-quality cuisine you expect from a restaurant - without actually having to go to an eatery. Alternatively, as a private catering company, I also offer the option of being able to come to my home for a unique dining experience. 

So contact me today or go to my website to learn more about Eat With Me. My private catering company in New Zealand.