In House Catering Near Me

In Your House Catering Brings the Restaurant to the Dining Room

Have you ever wanted to have the best parts of the restaurant experience without having to actually go to an eatery? Then you need to try my catering in your house! This gives you an amazing experience that includes your food being cooked for you by a professional chef and then served to you – all without you having to leave the house. Whether you have never tried in-house catering or have been searching in-house catering near me in Auckland, I am here to provide you with a quality dining experience defined by inventive, flavourful menus; using seasonal, locally sourced produce; and a strong ethos of minimising food waste.


I am a professional chef with experience with European, Indian, Mediterranean, Thai, Japanese, and other cuisine; and formal training in European styles. This lets me cater to a wide variety of general food tastes. When it comes to catering in your house, I can provide general menus for many styles of cuisine, and if you have something specific in mind, I can devise custom menus as well. I'll also cater to food preferences and allergies. You'll be able to have your dream meal brought right to you and served to you at home, when you have me catering in your house.


If you want the food at home experience without it necessarily being your home, I am very much able to accommodate that desire, as well. My home restaurant is literally in my house, where I have a certified kitchen. If you come here, you'll be seated at my dining room table, which seats up to eight people. You'll smell the food cooking and have a great, relaxing time while enjoying my professional cooking. It's a much more memorable and cozy experience than the typical restaurant, where you'd be seated at a table in a room full of strangers.


So if you are searching for in-house catering near me around Auckland, give me a call. You can be sure that you'll love both the food and the service with my catering in your house.