Dinner Club

What Are Dinner Clubs?

A dinner club, or dinner party clubs, is essentially a group of friends gathering around a table, enjoying delicious food and great conversation. It provides a great balance between the ‘dinner’ and ‘club’ aspect as it aims for great cuisine that is fresh and well prepared. But it also gives equivalent consideration into the social facet during dinner, as it provides a bit of more intimacy between a selected group of friends. Some dinner clubs prepare their own food, while many hire the services of a house chef. 


If you plan on starting your own dinner party club around Auckland, New Zealand and would like to hire the services of a chef to cook up a delicious cuisine for you and your friends, call Eat With Me. 

I have been a professional chef for many years, and have experience with the cuisines of several nations. I have also been trained in European cuisines and other fare at top-notch chef schools. This lets me not only cater to a wide variety of food desires, but also provide delicious food in your home setting in or near Auckland, New Zealand, or mine.


While I do serve home cooked food, you'll be glad to know that the food is actually cooked at my house. This means that you don't have to do a massive clean-up of your own kitchen after the meal is cooked! My home kitchen is certified, so you can be sure that the food is prepared in a safe, sanitary environment.


If you'd rather have an experience that doesn't involve preparing your own house for a gathering, you're still in luck. I offer the option of eating at my own house, where I can seat up to eight people for your dinner party club. The minimum I cater to, whether at your place or mine, is two.


If you want to give your dinner club a unique dining experience, then contact Eat With Me today.