Country Club Dinner

Get the Country Club Dinner Experience with Eat With Me

Are you hosting a club dinner around Auckland, New Zealand? If so, give me a call, here at Eat With Me. I can provide you with a quality dining experience that you would get at a country club dinner. I will come to your house or other venue with food, and serve it to you right there. You'll not only taste delicious home cooking, but get a taste of high-end chef services that will turn your meal into the country club dinner experience you deserve.


One of the things that makes a club dinner remarkable is the service. I will make sure you have a luxurious experience even as you sit at your own table. The other, of course, is the food. Whether you choose from one of my standard menus or have me customize a menu for you, you'll find that the cuisine is delicious. I can create meals in the styles of many different nations or continents, so you're in luck even if you're looking for something that isn't available on every Auckland, New Zealand street corner.


If you want a truly unique club dinner experience, you and your group of friends can come to my home in Pukekohe. There, I can seat up to eight people. If you choose to come to my house, you'll also be able to smell the food as it's cooked, which many find to be part of the essence of a country club dinner. My kitchen is certified, so you can eat with confidence no matter where I'm serving.


If you want a club dinner experience defined by inventive, flavourful menus; using seasonal, locally sourced produce; and a strong ethos of minimising food waste, look no further than Eat With Me.